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Friday, May 13, 2005

Bluetooth Transferable Mobile-wares!!

Even though this is a gadget review site but owing to popular demand and special request by my good friend Mr. Mohit it is important for us to accomodate in our blog various mobile softwares, wallpapers, themes, games, ringtones etc. But considering the huge number of such mobilewares and the puny little webspace it is very difficult for us to post them ourselves. However we have searched and researched the net for some of the best sites which do so. All you need to do is get a bluetooth dongle and start sending these warez to your mobile!!!. We will be highly obliged to provide you with their links which are as follows:

  1. Imserba (free mobile softwares, ringtones, wallpapers etc.)
  2. Ngage softwares and games
  3. Official Ngage games site
  4. Mobango (amazing collection of mobilewares)
  5. The unlocker
  6. Funny Mobile movies, screensavers etc.
  7. Midlet.org (Provides amazing java mobilewares)
  8. Free4mobile.com (too good)
  9. All the ringtones you want!!!
  10. Mobile Playground

All the given sites provide softwares downloadble to the pc so you need a BLUETOOTH DONGLE to transfer to your pc. However some sites even provide WAP codes.

More sites to be added shortly. Keep checking this blog for updates!!

In addition to these sites if you have any other sites which you would like to share with the rest of us please do so by replying to this post and we will be more than willing to add them to this blog!! Also kindly report to us any broken links.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Sony Ericsson P910i

Sony Ericsson P910i is the new mobile phone cum PDA launched by the Sony and ericsson collaberation .
Sony Ericsson P910i  Posted by Hello

System : Triple band GSM 900/1800/1900 , flight mode option
Size : 115x58x26 mm
Weight : 155 g
Talk Time : Up to 13 hours
Standby time : Up to 400 hours
Screen : TFT touchscreen , 262k colour , 208 x 320 pixxels QWERTY keyboard(open flip)
Camera : VGA camera
Video : MPEG4 video player , streaming audio/video
Music : Mp3 audio player
Connectivity : Bluetooth , Infrared , USB port
OS : Symbian OS v7.0
Memory : 64 MB internal memory + 32 MB memory Stick Duo storage device , supports upto 1 Gb Memory stick Duo .
Colour : Ambient Silver

P910i combinesadvanced buisness and entertainment fetures in one intuitive device .

Its camera lets you take pictures and record video whenever and whereever u like and use them in a wide range of applications ,It can be used in the phone book to identify ur callers .

MMs aloows u to send and receive messages that include pictures , sound , text and voice notes .

The P910i features advanced entertainment functionality that offers high quality MP3 music and widescreen format video clips and 3D games . New content can be downloaded quickly and easily from internet sites or transferred to the phone via BLUETOOTH Wireless Technology , an infrared port or a cable . Extra memory is available through a Meomory Stick , which also serves as a convienent way to exchange content and applications such as Java games .

The P910i can be used as a corporate phone with Ericsson MD110 and Business Phone exchange .

It also contains an organizer which incoludes contacts , a calender , notes and e mail , all of which can be quickly and efficiently synchronized with a PC . The e mail application supports attachment . VIewers let you read and edit documents in various formats such as Microsoft Word and Excel .

You can also update it through GPRS facilty or through internet .

Tuesday, May 10, 2005


Playstation Portable Posted by Hello
Get ready for the Portable entertainment revolution-play games,music, and videos on Sony's new handheld gaming console!!

This incredibly powerful and much awaited handheld baby from Sony has sold half a million units in just the first two days of its launch, and not without reason!
The Playstation Portable features a large 16:9 aspect LCD screen with a really sharp and crisp 480*272 resolution. It supports USB 2.o, Wi-Fi, Memory Stick Duo and uses Sony's propriety Universal Media Disc (UMD, which is more or less like a mini disc) and has a massive 1.8 gig space!! And what's more u can even expand the memory!!!

Apart from the huge list of game titles that are being released en masse, this device will also play music, video and image files, provided you plug in a sufficiently large memory stick!

If you put it in the USB mode with the Memory Stick inside, it can also act as a removable USB drive. For a mere $300(approximately Rs 15000), the PSP is abolute value for money, to say th least. We wish it could also make phone calls. Now that would redefine the term Portable!!

Monday, May 09, 2005

Sennheiser RS 110

No wire.... Sounds Impressive

Sennheiser RS 110 Posted by Hello

This cool gizmo has got a range of around 100 Metres, so here's finally a headset that lets you listen to your favourite music while you lie in your garden chair, without the hassles of those messy wires.

This super-aura set thrills with detailed sound reproduction, its three selectable RF channels, great bass response and intrutive control elements make for a sound picture.

Free Gmail invites to everyone

gmail Posted by Hello

If you are dying of anxiety, waiting for Gmail to launch then here's your chance. I know how difficult it is to get a gmail invite so i'm giving it out for free, all you have to do is send a comment on this blog in reply of this post and leave your email id and i'll send you an invite within 24 hours.

So go on don't be shy. Superhero Nishu will save the day!!!!!

And what's more... Gmail now gives 2GB Space!!!!!!!

Sunday, May 08, 2005

NOKIA N-GAGE QD, The love story....

So finally after a lot of cajoling and coaxing i got it!!!! What a beauty i thought, i looked at the stunning black beauty and it beamed back, maybe its the end of my sorrows, maybe i'll never be bored again, maybe now i'll be happy forever, maybe, maybe, maybe....... Did it happen??? Read on:

  • Happier than ever i get the sim card installed. The pretty lady comes to life and my heart skips a beat. It really dosen't take much time to jam up its contacts with my pals' numbers and then at one go i message them all, the showoff that i am!!!
  • The first downfall...... Having installed a number of games i find that no space is left for even a single message!!! Only God knows how frustrated i was. So here i go again to the vendor this time to buy an mmc card a 256 MB ie.
  • So the best part of it is its expandable memory. Now i have a whole lot of Music, Videos, Images and oh not to forget the GAMES!!!
  • The game graphics are above average and the processor is pretty fast too, it responds to the slightest of the movements. The controls are pretty easy too. Games like Fifa 2005, Pathway to glory and Worms World really got me hooked.
  • Messaging on this phone can be a bit difficult at times but the keys are absolutely amazing, they simply float like feather in air.

So to sum it all up and finally give you the pros and cons to help you if you wanna buy it.

  • PROS
  1. Amazingly low price
  2. Pretty fast processor
  3. Really good battery life
  4. Expandable memory
  5. Nice controls especially for games
  6. Really wide range of games specially built for the Nokia N-Gage
  7. Easy access of menus and sytem utilities
  8. A really good companions on long trips
  9. Good sound output especially with the dual earphones
  10. Clear display (Much better than Nokia 6600)

  • Cons
  1. Low device memory (<4mb)
  2. NO CAMERA!!!
  3. No infrared port
  4. The alarm clock is so dull that you actually might sleep listening to it!!
  5. You cannot set the wallpaper from the images menu, there's a long process for that.
  6. You cannot install themes
  7. No screensavers provided (just a lame digital time display)

So that was all about My love affair with the N-gage Qd. Please feel free to point out my mistakes or praise me for that matter.